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On their own, each of these names are just like any other name, signifying not much more than the many individuals to whom they belong. Together, these names are iconic, defining huge swathes of our culture and signifying much more than any name alone ever could. When you hear “Monica and Rachel,” you think of the apartment that was the backdrop to so many scenes in the landmark series Friends; when you think of Thelma and Louise, you think of their race down the highway away from police; when you think of Romy and Michele, you think of Chapstick and the high school reunion that defined their cinematic adventure together.

We are Mandy & Kayleigh

We Are Mandy & Kayleigh

We strive to help our clients become icons in their own rights. We follow a flowing process, at the center of which is freshness and innovation, in order to create and design the highest quality storytelling images that will leave you in awe of yourself for years to come. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a piece of timeless artwork that will never go out of style. 

Women driven to our cores, we thrive on the knowledge that we have made an impact in people’s lives. We have a studio located in Old Colorado City, and boudoir photography is our passion and specialty! 

When you think of boudoir, what do you think of? What do you imagine for yourself? We want to provide you the opportunity to express yourself. Whether it’s for you personally, or your partner, we want to help you make the most of it, and have a fun memorable time while we’re at it!

We founded Peak Boudoir in order to serve women of all kinds; Boudoir for everyBODY. To help you see the power within yourself and captivate your beauty through the lenses of our cameras. Let us help tell the story of you.

XOXO – Mandy & Kayleigh